See below for a comprehensive list of the population and demographic changes in the different wards of the City of Chicago.

In order to communicate effectively with voters in Chicago, it is important to understand population trends, and what issues affect communities directly. Our impact will be greater if we have an understanding of the dynamics of each community. How do we turn this information into action? By knowing where populations are rising and falling, we can almost micro target community areas, wards, and even precincts. One of our goals is to go into areas where Republicans have been absent for quite some time. Going into communities and having face to face conversations with residents will go a long way in shaping our platform, providing issues for future candidates to run on, and ultimately, do what we can to assist these communities.

Based on previous 2020 election, the Graduated Income Tax Amendment had a NO vote of 28.61% and Pat O’Brien received 29.45% of the Chicago vote. These two results tells me people are willing to listen to tax and crime messaging. While that is still low, it’s enough to push a Republican statewide candidate to victory. In the last decade, women have received the highest citywide vote in each election, outside of 2020. Barbara Bellar running for Cook County Circuit Court Clerk still received more votes than Donald Trump and Mark Curran. Women generally perform better than men in each cycle.

2012: Diane Shapiro (18.81%)
2014: Judy Baar Topinka (25.05%)
2016: Diane Shapiro (22.59%)
2018: Erika Harold (16.96%)
2020: Barbara Bellar (17.93%)

With some baseline information, we should be prepared to actively engage voters in an efficient way to have a conversation about the party, and issues surrounding Chicago. No national issue will move the needle here, from experience, voters will listen to issues that affect them locally, and directly.

What can you do in your area? You must know your audience. Once prepared with a general idea of what the local community issues and makeup are, we can start connecting with community groups, business owners, residents, Republicans and even Democrats. If executed correctly, we can easily identify local issues, and even do what we can to help out. While our primary goal as a political party is to win elections, we must want to help out the community first and foremost to make Chicago a better place to live for ALL.

Larry Alcaraz | Executive Director
Chicago Republican Party
(847) 809-5006

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