The Club is structured by Ward/Township, with each of the five elected Republican Committeemen working with Executive Director Jeff Fiedler and Chairman Matt Podgorski. 

The Northwest Side GOP is a people-powered organization, and we would love for you to get involved.  

Currently, the Club has nearly 500 General Members and 30 Captains.  Our goal is to grow to 1,000 General Members and 50 Captains by the end of 2021.

  • General Member
    • Signs up and pays $35 or more in dues annually
    • Does as little or as much as they want and comes and goes as they please
    • Gets a vote in our endorsement and slate-making events
  • Captain
    • A member who takes on one responsibility for the Club
    • Does not have to knock on doors if they do not want to
    • Gets Club Jacket and Business Cards
    • Gets a stronger weighted vote in endorsement and slate-making events
  • Deputy Committeeman
    • Responsible for assisting their Ward/Township Committeeman with various projects
    • Works diligently to grow Club Membership
    • Accompanies or fills in for the Committeeman at County and State Republican Party Meetings and Conventions
    • Are relied on, especially during election season, to knock on doors and help campaigns in various ways
    • Gets an even stronger weighted vote in endorsement and slate-making events
  • Republican Committeeman
    • Top leaders charged with steering the direction of the Club
    • Elected in the Republican Primary every four years
    • Only five -- one for each Ward and Township within the Club's geography
      • Chuck Hernandez (38th Ward)
      • Barry Bebart (39th Ward)
      • Ammie Kessem (41st Ward)
      • Kerri Urbanski (45th Ward)
      • Anthony Beckman (Norwood Park Township)


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