The Club is structured by Ward/Township, with each of the five elected Republican Committeemen working with Executive Director Jeff Fiedler and Chairman Matt Podgorski. 

The Northwest Side GOP is a people-powered organization, and we would love for you to get involved.  

Currently, the Club now has over 500 total members!

  • Associate Member
    • Signs up and pays $35 or more in dues annually
    • Does as little or as much as they want and comes and goes as they please
    • Gets a vote in our endorsement and slate-making events (1)
  • General Member
    • A member who takes on one responsibility for the Club
    • Does not have to knock on doors if they do not want to
    • Gets a weighted vote (3)
  • Precinct Captain
    • Is responsible for, at a minimum, literature drops within assigned precinct
    • Receives a Club Jacket and Business Cards
    • Gets a weighted vote (5)
  • Director
    • Responsible for assisting their Ward/Township Committeeman with various projects
    • Works to grow Club Membership
    • Includes local elected officials such as Trustees, School Board, etc 
    • Accompanies or fills in for the Committeeman at County and State Republican Party Meetings and Conventions
    • Are relied on, especially during election season, to knock on doors and help campaigns in various ways
    • Gets a weighted vote (10)
  • Republican Committeeman
    • Top leaders charged with steering the direction of the Club
    • Elected in the Republican Primary every four years
    • Gets a weighted vote (20)
    • Only five -- one for each Ward and Township within the Club's geography
      • Chuck Hernandez (38th Ward)
      • Barry Bebart (39th Ward)
      • Ammie Kessem (41st Ward)
      • (45th Ward)
      • (Norwood Park Township)


Become a dues-paying member here: JOIN

If you are already a member, but would like to be considered for Precinct Captain (or more), please email us at [email protected]