The Chicago Republican Party today blasted the Brandon Johnson campaign over signs that placed the name of Paul Vallas next to the word “MAGA.The signs, which violate Illinois law because no sponsor is listed, are being placed on the South and West Sides.

“Brandon Johnson’s campaign needs to keep the GOP out of their sleazy election tactics,” stated Chicago Republican Chairman Steve Boulton. That goes double when it involves a racial dog whistle.”

The Republican Party has not endorsed Paul Vallas, there have been no meetings between Chairman Boulton and either Mr. Vallas or his Campaign, with none planned.

“Republicans have deep concern over the radical platform of Brandon Johnson and his overlords in the CTU leadership, which will ruin Chicago by taking it down the path of cities like San Francisco,Boulton stated, but we do not view Mr. Vallas as a Republican and have issued criticism on several aspects of his proposals.

The Chicago Republican Party has been rebuilding not just in structure, such as Chicago voters seeing in 2022 the largest field of Republican candidates in forty years, but also in developing Conservative policies for Chicago’s pressing issues, positions largely ignored by the liberal media despite Republicans being between 15 and 20 percent of Chicago’s voters.

“The era in which the Republican Party has been without impact in Chicago is coming to an end.Boulton stated, Impact in Chicago can reverberate across Illinois in statewide elections.”